Are Virtual Reality Headsets The Next Big Thing For Marketing?

Are Virtual Reality Headsets The Next Big Thing For Marketing?

Virtual reality (VR) headsets have been accused of being too gimmicky and vomit inducing. But as these four campaigns prove, VR could be the next big thing in immersing your customers in your product.


As a part of Samsung’s ‘LifeLIVE’ campaign, Samsung’s Gear VR headset allowed Jason (Jace) Lark to experience the birth of his son in real time 4,000 kilometres away. Lark was in Chinchilla, a remote Queensland town and his wife Alison was in Perth.

Arno Lenior, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics Australia, said: “The Samsung Gear VR technology is exciting, but what we are even more proud of are the amazing, emotion-charged experiences made possible by eliminating physical and geographic barriers and delivering new ways to experience immersive content.

“We are connecting people in ways never before thought possible to ensure Aussies don’t miss those significant moments which life is really all about.”


French fashion label Dior has launched a Dior Eyes headset which gives the wearer exclusive backstage access to ready-to-wear fashion shows.

According to Dior, the 3D printed virtual reality headset provides “both the most immersive VR experience ever seen, as well as a unique 360° performance, all created in an advanced design”.

“The ‘Dior Eyes’ headset is a key development as part of the trend for fun and innovative ‘retailtainment’ strategy. Dior widens once more the gap in the digital innovation field.”

The Dior Eyes will be available in select Dior boutiques from June.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has launched a ‘virtual reality Aleppo’ fundraising campaign to transport Brits to the devastated streets of war-torn city Aleppo in Syria.

Using a VR headset, people were immersed into 360-degree images of barrel bombing in Syria. After a week of street fundraising, using eight VR headsets, Amnesty saw a 16 per cent increase in people signing up to direct debit donations.

According to Amnesty International, “the highly cost-effective project uses inexpensive refurbished smartphones and low-tech virtual reality headsets (costing less than £15 each). The photographs have been taken by a group of Syrian citizen journalists known as Lamba Media Productions, who have been documenting the destruction caused by barrel bombing and other attacks on the besieged city of Aleppo.”


Created for the launch of the new Chevrolet Colorado High Country pickup truck, ‘The Delivery’ is the first CoDriver experience. Passengers were virtually transported to the adventurous terrain of New Zealand and cast in the role of CoDriver for the ultimate off-road adventure.  The drive sees them navigate rugged terrain and river crossings on a mysterious mission.

Dave Budge, executive creative director, Isobar Australia, said: “We tried to create an experience that would transport people into another world that extends on the dealership environment.”


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