The Trade Desk Integrates IAS Video Viewability To Increase Effectiveness Of Digital Video Buys

The Trade Desk Integrates IAS Video Viewability To Increase Effectiveness Of Digital Video Buys

Integral Ad Science (IAS) today announced that The Trade Desk will integrate IAS’s full pre-bid video targeting suite to its platform.

By providing unique intelligence for informed programmatic buying, the ability to target specific viewability thresholds, as well as suspicious activity and brand safety tracking for video ads, Trade Desk clients can increase the efficiency of their digital video buys.

“IAS and The Trade Desk are at the forefront of digital advertising innovation, helping to reshape the quality of media transactions and the way they happen,” said David Danziger, VP of Enterprise Partnerships, The Trade Desk Inc.

“Video is a sophisticated and complex medium for both buyers and sellers, IAS’s viewability targeting, suspicious activity and brand safety tracking ensures that our clients are continuing to purchase high-quality video ads in high-quality environments.”

Launched in October 2016, IAS’s performance-matching video viewability pre-bid targeting gives buyers a seamless and more accurate approach to video viewability targeting and optimization. Instead of bidding on inventory most likely to be in-view, advertisers can select a viewability threshold such as 50 per cent +, and achieve that target viewability on the campaign.

Alongside the ability to meet viewability thresholds, buyers will have access to reporting in the IAS Platform. The new video viewability segments join a pre-existing integration for display pre-bid targeting for viewability, brand safety, ad fraud, and contextual relevance.

“In an analysis of billions of impressions in H1 2016, IAS found that video experiences lower viewability rates and is more susceptible to ad fraud compared to display. Expanding our partnership with The Trade Desk is just one of the ways we’ve been driving change to infuse accuracy and clarity into the market for video,” said Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science.

“We’re proud of our partnership with The Trade Desk, a company that shares the same enthusiasm for bringing transparency and resources to all players in the advertising ecosystem.”



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