Tonic Health Media Launches ‘Psych Up’ Agency Mental Health Program with Ikon Communications

Tonic Health Media Launches ‘Psych Up’ Agency Mental Health Program with Ikon Communications

National health media network, Tonic Health Media, this week launched the first in their series of agency mental health  engagement and education sessions at Ikon’s Sydney offices.

Hosted by renowned physician and media personality Dr Norman Swan, the “Psych Up” series aims to educate over-worked and stressed agency staff with simple, evidence-based ways to stay fit and healthy in today’s increasingly competitive media world.

Dr. Swan gave practical advice to Ikon staff over a nutritious organic lunch, followed by an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

Tonic’s ‘Psych Up’ program forms part of its ‘Healthy Living Series’, an initiative dedicated to improving overall health of people in the media industry. Following the session with Ikon, Tonic Health Media will be bringing the sessions to other leading media agencies across Australia.

Sonia Potter, national head of people & culture at Ikon, said they’re dedicated to better equipping their staff with tools that will prepare them for the face pace of agency life.

“We know how rewarding and exciting a career in the advertising industry career can be, but because we work hard and play harder it’s important to be able to draw on skills to help manage the stress and maintain balance and perspective.

“Wellness programs for staff are a natural extension of the supportive environment we endeavour to offer all our employees,” she added.

Dr Norman Swan from Tonic Health Media says while mental health programs are now standard in most work environments, there remains a stigma around sticking your hand up for help, not matter how privately.

“Mental health awareness is better than it’s ever been, but asking for help still isn’t easy. Our ‘Psych Up’ initiative is designed to remove the stigma and time burden from the process of seeking help.”

“If work-related stress is causing personal issues for agency staff, it will often also prevent them from getting the help that’s on offer in the workplace. By putting on an agency-wide session, we’re creating a forum to listen and ask questions, a space to open people’s mindsets to new ways of coping with stress,” he said.

Tonic are running the sessions with 16 agencies in Sydney between now and the end of August. It forms part of a wider program designed by Tonic Media to promote healthy living habits within the media industry, with the ‘Chew Up’ healthy eating program and ‘Tune Up’ exercise program attracting large crowds of agency staff at numerous sessions throughout 2015.

The second half of the year will also see sessions in  Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra.

Agency staff interested in taking part in the next Tonic Health Media lunch sessions should  join the private community Facebook Group or email the Tonic team at

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