Tom Jones Lends His Baritone Voice To Radio

Tom Jones Lends His Baritone Voice To Radio

If you listen to NOVA Entertainment’s smoothfm and your heart flutters at the vocals of crooner Tom Jones, you’re in luck!

The illustrious singer – known for belters such as Sex Bomb!, It’s Not Unusual, and She’s a Lady – will soon be hosting a number of shows on the NOVA station from Saturday 27 February at 4pm.

The segments will divulge a number of stories from his time in the limelight as well as playing a number of hits from some of his friends in the business.

“The music that I’ll be playing has been made by some of my friends, which are The Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson to name but a few,” Jones said in a statement.

And it goes without saying smoothfm is pretty chuffed with the get.

“It was amazing to hear from Tom that he had a driver who was listening to smoothfm and that Tom loved the station before he even agreed to host his own show with us,” said smoothfm program director, Peter Clay.

“It’s incredible that some of the biggest names in the music world like Elton John, Rod Stewart, Michael Buble and Tom are hearing about smooth and wanting to be a part of it.”


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