Three Ways Retailers Can Add Value This Mother’s Day

Three Ways Retailers Can Add Value This Mother’s Day

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed all the ads on TV and hints from your mum, but PSA – Mother’s Day is approaching next May. In this guest post, Marin Software managing director APAC Jay Revels tells us how this upcoming holiday can be a boon for any brand that listens.

Mother’s Day has Australians set to spend an overall retail amount of $1.3 billion. Here are three ways retailers can amp up the ante ahead of this year’s big event.

1. Create the easiest path to purchase

It still surprises me to see how many retailers overlook simple but impactful ways to engage audiences around major holidays.

The golden rule to creating a compelling user experience is making the path to purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible for customers. Shopping made easy is an easy sale.

Ensure your site is operating as smoothly as it should ahead of major holidays such as Mother’s Day. Make it easy by creating gift ideas targeted to audiences, delivered in a way that is second nature.

For smaller retailers – or those with a budget that doesn’t immediately extend to a website upgrade – a cost-effective way to tackle this can include a simple Facebook catalogue of top items, linking directly to purchase on the website.

Packaging up content in an easy to click format will ensure your followers and community are kept engaged.

2. Small steps aid purchase

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact, particularly in the age of sharing on social.

Cart abandonment rates indicate paying for shipping is a bugbear for many online shoppers. Don’t risk leaving your customers irked so close to a sale. Consider the cost of offering free shipping around major holidays and you may see a spike as a result.

We’re seeing more and more retailers offer incentives around free postage, next day delivery, and even personalised Mother’s Day cards included in the purchase.

3. Strategic partnerships add value to the wider community

Don’t overlook opportunities to add value to people who aren’t able to celebrate major holidays. Mother’s and Father’s Day are big opportunities to give to charities, especially those helping people who have experienced the loss of a parent figure or loved one.

What percentage of your proceedings could you give to a charity? Are you both targeting the same audience and if so, could you help them achieve their fundraising goals? Will you be able to add value to their current customer base in new ways?

Consider a charity that ethically and morally complements your brand values. Look at ways your database could contribute to a good cause and how you, as the marketer, could add value to the change they are promoting.


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