Sportsbet Wins Hashtag Hijacking During State Of Origin

Sportsbet Wins Hashtag Hijacking During State Of Origin

Despite the absolute flogging that was State Of Origin last night, with QLD smashing NSW by 52 points, massive sporting events give brands the opportunity to inject themselves into the conversation.

Liam Walsh, managing director (Australia & New Zealand) for Amobee, told B&T: “Brand activation around sporting events is by and large a valuable campaign move that enables brands to amplify both online and offline presence where it matters to their target audience.

“Ultimately, brands can instantly discover content, sentiment, and trends that their target audience is interested in, and activate media leveraging these insights in real time to deliver powerful results.”

Newsjacking is a new method that brands are using to reach their target audience. Brands newsjack conversations when they harness news events or hot button issues for marketing and publicity purposes. It’s a fun way to inject a brand’s message into ongoing conversations to boost visibility and costumer engagement.

“Newsjacking has definitely evolved to become much more simple for brands, as the ability to participate in a conversation is no longer restricted to traditional media engagement. While previously, brands would have had to compete with their counterparts to comment on the topic of the moment, today they can simply share their comments via social media. This provides an immediate impact and instant connection between brands and key audiences,” Walsh said.

Sportsbet was the newsjacking winner last night with an extensive Twitter campaign, its Twitter page was filled with jokes about the game. So despite not being a State of Origin sponsor, Sportsbet was constantly in the conversation:

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