Sophie Monk Steps Up For Latest Episode Of Youi’s Video Series Via Emotive

Sophie Monk Steps Up For Latest Episode Of Youi’s Video Series Via Emotive

Today sees the launch of the sixth episode of content series Who’s in the Car? for Youi Insurance via Emotive, featuring Australia’s unofficial princess Sophie Monk.

In this episode, comedian Katie Burch gets to know her new BFF a whole lot better as Monk responds to interview questions with her much-loved self-deprecating style.

The episode takes a few unexpected twists along the way, from Monk taking over as the host and attempting to interview Burch, to Monk spruiking her upcoming show to the people at Bondi Beach through a megaphone.

Fabrizia Roberto, head of marketing at Youi, said the Who’s in the Car series is going from strength to strength.

“Sophie’s episode represents a change of pace, as we shift from sport to pop culture, ensuring we reach new audiences,” she said.

“Importantly, we are not only seeing positive brand results from this content-led approach through our paid media, but equally it is driving site visits and further engagement with our owned channels.”

Jamie Crick, social media director at Emotive, said: “Our consistent goal is to deliver genuine entertainment value for the audience so that they choose to consume the content while building the brand for Youi.

“The first five episodes have had outstanding success against this objective, being watched over nine million times between them.

“Importantly, as the series has established itself, we see audiences engaging more and more with each episode, building recognition of the format and anticipation for who will be the next guest in the car.”


Client: Youi Insurance

Head of marketing: Fabrizia Roberto

Group CMO: Hugo Schreuder

Brand strategist, creative director and film director: Bryan Cawood

General manager of customer engagement: Lukas Temple

Creative, production and amplification: Emotive

Founder and strategy lead: Simon Joyce

Business director: Alison Mitchell

Social media director: Jamie Crick

Creative directors: Andrew Cameron and Henry Stafford

Director: Henry Stafford

Writers: Nathan Burley and Katie Burch

Senior producer and production manager: Justine Moyle

Director of production: Jefferson Grainger

Sound design: Rumble

Editor: Benjamin Hargraves


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