Social Media: We’re Too Obsessed With Followers As A Measurement, And The Platforms Themselves

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It bewilders radio personality Charli Robinson when the only reason someone had been invited to an event or experience is down to the number of followers they have.

Speaking at the National Radio Conference in the Gold Coast on Friday, Robinson was explaining how when she interviews some celebs on the red carpet, a few have her scratching her head.

“And the media people say ‘oh they’ve got a 100,000 on Twitter’. That’s the only reason they’re invited,” she said with astonishment. “Or, that’s the only reason they got a job in radio.

“This has become so important for us in our personal brand to have followers, because if you don’t have likes, it doesn’t really happen.

“We’re obsessed in this certain age bracket and in media to tell everyone we’re here.”

Nodding along with Robinson’s comment, radio and media personality Fifi Box, said it has gotten to a point where she is actively taking a step back from social media.

“I, legitimately, am trying to distance myself a little bit now,” she told the conference. Box said she is now keen to capture the fun moments of her, her family, the things she enjoys, rather than worrying about constantly posting up images or updates because she feels she has to.

Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, one half of radio duo Fitzy and Wippa, added because Box is putting up her own images of her family, the ones she’s comfortable with, it lessens the attention of paparazzi, as they can just take the photos from social media now.

“For Fifi, it’s perfect,” he said. “Because the paparazzi can’t take photos of you and sell them off, because you’re the one putting them up. It sort of gets them off your back a bit.”

Box added: “I do think broadcast and radio people have got the pressure to ‘got to that tweet, ‘got to do that hashtag’.

“I think people are now using it for business, to market themselves,” she observed.

“And I think we need to steer back to being a bit more genuine.”

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