SmoothFM Offers Half A Mil Of Free Advertising In New Initiative

SmoothFM Offers Half A Mil Of Free Advertising In New Initiative

It’s time for creatives to roll up their sleeves and snag their clients $500,000 worth of free advertising from NOVA Entertainment radio station smoothfm.

Apart from putting the thinking caps on, Kate Day, head of create at NOVA, said the team wanted to push the smoothfm brand further.

“The market is so aware of NOVA and its potential when it comes to commercial and brand integration,” she told B&T.

“Because smooth is relatively new as far as the commercial radio landscape goes, we really wanted to inspire and invigorate the industry by not just telling but showing what’s possible.”

Day said it’s not that smoothfm is struggling, rather it’s gone from “strength to strength” but it’s about showing the potential now that the brand is more than just radio.

And considering how competitive this industry is, added Day, a competition seems fitting to get a lit fire under people’s bums.

“We’re trying to make it as limitless as possible and just focus on getting great ideas,” she said.

“Obviously in terms of the execution… there’ll be recommendations on how the budget is used. But we think with the budget, we can really bring a lot to life.”

Day said it was important to keep relatively neutral in the judging too, so once the plethora of entries have been whittled down to five they will be judged by Network Ten’s Russel Howcroft, Australian Ballet marketing director Penny Rowland, Vinmofo co-founder Andre Eikmeier and NOVA’s CMO Tony Thomas.

The ultimate winner will workshop the idea to make it just right and have the campaign shown on smoothfm’s various media assets.

So far, Day said they’ve had a lot of interest when they were putting the feelers out there, so expectation on entries is high.

“That being said, I think the real power of this promotion is not just in the number of entries as one key metric, but also in the new conversations that it starts in market.”

The competition launches today and you have six weeks to get your entry in.

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