Sizmek Increases Support For Digital Campaigns

Sizmek Increases Support For Digital Campaigns

Global ad management system Sizmek has launched Sizmek Dynamic Creative with omnichannel capabilities, meaning the company now supports scalable campaigns on every digital advertising channel.

This means that marketers can improve relevance and boost performance of online campaigns by automatically serving ad versions tailored to the user based on a variety of targeting factors.

  • Dynamic Creative for HTML5 allows advertisers to run customized, fresh and optimally rendered campaigns on tablets and smartphones
  • Dynamic Creative for Video makes it easy to personalize, change and optimize interactive elements within video ads, such as overlays or companion banners, and customize non-interactive elements, such as the components of a video frame
  • Dynamic Creative combined with Sizmek Social enables dynamic ad personalization across all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+
  • Dynamic Creative with Sizmek Workshop enables thousands of dynamic display ad versions to be easily assembled and managed using mass versioning tools

“Digital marketing efforts are increasingly varied in terms of asset requirements and distribution channels, so identifying solutions that help mitigate the associated resource strain is a top priority.  We would much rather reallocate those resources to strategic planning. The streamlined ability to automate asset updates, intelligently personalize the consumer experience using relevant data and optimize on cross-platform performance is a huge advantage for the media buying community,” said Mike McLaughlin, VP digital media at Palisades Media Group.

“Dynamic asset management is especially important in the social realm because everything is expectedly real-time. To know that our client’s message is consistent and instantaneously updated across all major social channels is an invaluable improvement upon the status quo.”

According to Sizmek benchmark data, Dynamic Creative boosts ad performance by an average of 47% (69% for post-click conversions) over standard banners. The solution streamlines time to market and increases campaign relevancy.

Brian Weiner, CEO, The Illusion Factory said, “We greatly appreciate the outstanding suite of tools that Sizmek offers us in our production. In producing The Flash and Jane The Virgin Campaigns for our clients at The CW Television Network, we have worked closely with Sizmek to streamline some of the minutia details of versioned ads with dynamic tune ins working where non rich media ads need to appear.

“We are excited about Sizmek’s innovations and will continue to evolve our working processes in parallel with theirs. We have been collaborating with Sizmek since the origin of interactive banner advertising, and each year, the increased performance and resulting awards we continue to win for our clients demonstrates the power of this synergy between our organizations.”

In addition to personalization and retargeting, Dynamic Creative dramatically simplifies the process of refreshing ad images and messages, enabling marketers in any major global market to continually showcase fresh offers and relevant messages without retrafficking ad creative. Across all channels, automated optimization ensures the best-performing ads are promoted based on the advertiser’s target metrics on all screens and buying channels.

“Advertisers need to be able to share and tailor their brand story across every screen and channel seamlessly,” said Ricky Liversidge, CMO and Head of Product at Sizmek.  “As the most scalable omnichannel solution of its kind, Sizmek brings unprecedented flexibility to the market.”

The Sizmek MDX platform allows advertisers to create ad versions in a number of ways depending on the scope of the campaign. Spreadsheet-based versioning tools can be used for campaigns for fewer versions, while Sizmek’s unique mass versioning tools or XML feeds can be used to create and easily manage thousands of distinct ad versions.

“From customized multi-product Catalog Ads to weather-targeted campaigns, Sizmek’s customers are continually pushing the envelope with how they use Dynamic Creative,” continued Liversidge. “Now, by making scalable Dynamic Creative available on desktop, mobile, social, video, we can open up even more opportunities for innovation and consumer relevance.”


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