Reddit Yearly Recap 2021

Reddit Yearly Recap 2021

URL to IRL: In 2021, Redditors proved to be catalysts for real-world change.

From r/wallstreetbets and the crash of the One Simple Wish website, to the Battle of the Joshes, in 2021, the most notable moments on Reddit were when Redditors took their comments, comradery, conversations and more from URL to IRL.

In the newly renamed Reddit Recap 2021, check out the moments and communities that inspired Redditors to be catalysts for change both online and in the real world.

This past year, Reddit became the place where people felt empowered and inspired to share their opinions, experiences and stories and connect with one another to take action and positively impact their communities.

As a company, Reddit’s continued global expansion opened up Reddit to more and more people.

Reddit announced new offices in Canada, Australia, and Germany, reaching new Redditors around the globe. They aired their first-ever, 5-second Super Bowl ad (or as Reddit’s Team calls it, Superb Owl).

They’ve also shipped new features — Reddit Talk, Predictions, and CryptoSnoos — that gave Redditors more ways to connect and engage with each other.

As we look back at what took place on Reddit during 2021, Reddit has reminded us that some traditions are worth keeping around. That is why Community Reflections has returned.

This year’s reflections capture the thoughts of moderators and Redditors from some of the biggest communities such as r/antiwork, and those behind some of the most inspiring moments, such as the young boy who was gifted more than 150 stuffed Manta-Ray toys.

Community members share their experiences, reactions and reasons why Reddit brings people together “one sh*tpost at a time.” (Thank you to, u/WildfireSmile, for that very on-brand quote).

Let’s take a look at all that happened on Reddit this past year!

By the Numbers

  • Reddit is home to more than 100,000 active communities around the world.
  • In 2021, Redditors created more than 366 million posts, a 19% increase year on year (YoY).
  • As of November 9, 2021, Reddit has had 2.3 billion total comments, a 12% increase YoY and nearly 46 billion total upvotes.

The Most Upvoted Posts

  • r/wallstreetbets: Times Square right now (431K upvotes)
  • r/wallstreetbets: GME YOLO update — Jan 28 2021 (286K upvotes)
  • r/antiwork: Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck 🙂 (270K upvotes)

The Most Upvoted AMAs

  • I’m a lobster diver who recently survived being inside of a whale. AMA! (90.9K upvotes)
  • I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and author of “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Ask Me Anything (66.6K upvotes)
  • Hi, I’m Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios. Ask Me Anything. Thanks!  (38K upvotes)

The Most Upvoted Reddit Public Access Network 

  • r/animalsonreddit: M to the B (22.8K upvotes)
  • r/animalsonreddit: Duck hatch livestream. The last two eggs (11.9K upvotes)
  • r/animalsonreddit: Happy Beeaster Sunday (11.4K upvotes)

The Most Popular Themes

  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Gaming
  3. Sports
  4. Weddings
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Food and Drink
  7. Movies and Television


In 2021, there were a lot of conversations on Reddit, but none more prominent than cryptocurrency. For more than 10 years, Reddit has been home to over 500 cryptocurrency communities.

As more Redditors participate in conversation, whether it be for information, help, or to share major successes, Reddit continues to be the hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

By the numbers:

  • The top-five most-viewed crypto communities in 2021 were r/dogecoin, r/superstonk. r/cryptocurrency, r/amcstock, and r/bitcoin.
  • r/superstonk’s subscriber growth increased the most among our crypto communities, with a 917K% increase YoY.
  • So far this year, we’ve seen 6.6 million mentions of ‘crypto’ across the platform.


Reddit has always been a gathering place for gamers and gaming fans. With long-anticipated releases, sequel games, and fan favourites that finally got console support, this year Redditors relished in and celebrated some of the biggest moments of 2021.

By the numbers:

  • The top-five most viewed communities in 2021 were r/genshinimpact, r/leagueoflegends, r/gaming, r/rpclipsgta, and r/ffxiv.
  • r/nopixel was one of the most standout GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Roleplay) services, with 267% increase in views YoY.
  • New gaming releases pushed the growth in a number of communities — r/pokemonunite increased 8.6K% in subscribers YoY, while both r/deltarune and r/biomutant showed big spikes in engagement — with a 328K% increase and 9.5K% increase in subscribers, respectively, from last year.


As the world opened up, beloved live sports returned. Sports fans (and fanatics) blocked off their mornings and evenings for American football, cheered on their home hockey teams, and gathered to watch this year’s biggest fights. At the same time, Redditors flocked to some of the biggest sports communities to discuss IRL moments in URL spaces.

By the numbers:

  • Top-five most viewed sports communities were r/nba (basketball), r/soccer, r/nfl (American football), r/squaredcircle (wrestling), and r/mma (mixed martial arts).
  • More niche sports communities also saw an increase in views YoY.


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