QLD Department Of Health Aims To ‘Stop The Rise Of STIs’

QLD Department Of Health Aims To ‘Stop The Rise Of STIs’

In order to address high STI rates and lack of knowledge amongst young adults, Khemistry – a GrowthOps business – has created a multi-channel campaign for the Queensland Department of Health.

The campaign encourages sexually active young Queenslanders to get tested, use protection, every year or with every new partner.

STI rates in Queensland are not only high but are increasing.

Consumer research has found that young people aged 15 to 29 have the highest rates of STIs, as well as significant knowledge gaps when it comes to sexual health.

Queensland Department of Health marketing director Alison Bock said: “Many are unaware of the risks of STIs, so are not practising safe sex and not getting tested.

“We needed a way to break through the misinformation, increase knowledge and awareness, and encourage regular testing.”

Khemistry creative director Lindsay Thompson said: “It was important that our approach was relatable to young people and normalised what can be an awkward or embarrassing subject.

“While the stats for STIs in Queensland are scary, they’re not enough to convince a young audience to change behaviours.


“We needed to emphasise that these stats were not about ‘other people’. They are about themselves and the people they know, or the people they’re about to meet.

“The department clearly understood how difficult it is to engage with this younger audience, particularly on such a delicate subject.

“They knew that we needed to engage with young adults within a short timeframe and the concept developed certainly captured their attention and tested well amongst the target audience.”

The campaign launches across Queensland today using a range of online and geo-targeted channels, including digital, out of home/street media, universities, cafés and bar screens, as well as convenience advertising in selected precincts.

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