PRIA Has Launched New Internship Guidelines

PRIA Has Launched New Internship Guidelines

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Registered Consultancy Group (RCG) has released its updated 2015/16 guidelines to ensure student workers employed in the PR sector are managed and paid according to the latest pay rates and industry regulations.

The Registered Consultancy Group is a member organisation of the PRIA and represents consultancy CEOs and directors in Australia.

The updated intern guidelines help RCG members create a meaningful and engaging internship or work experience program to ensure students gain the most from their experience.

“The 2015 edition of the PRIA Guidelines for Managing Internships builds on a significant body of work done by PRIA accredited universities, registered consultancies and legal advisors,” according to Adam Benson, national chair, Registered Consultancy Group at the PRIA.

“All internships must provide a clear learning experience and meet the tests as outlined by Fair Work Australia. Any business person in our sector who thinks offering internships is about accessing cheap or free labour is not welcome in our profession – and is most likely breaking employment law.

“It is only if students are enrolled in an academic internship subject that there are payment exemptions – and this will be outlined in a signed agreement with the student’s sponsoring education provider. In nearly every other case, minimum award rates must be paid to students or interns who simply present themselves as volunteers or students looking for work experience.”

The updated guide has been developed exclusively for PRIA Registered Consultancy Group members.  Click here for the updated guide.

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