Prezzee Take The ‘What If’ Out Of Christmas Shopping With Smart eGift Card Campaign Via Houston Group

Prezzee Take The ‘What If’ Out Of Christmas Shopping With Smart eGift Card Campaign Via Houston Group

Aussie eGift card company, Prezzee, have launched their new Christmas campaign titled “Take the ‘what if’ out of gifting,” with Houston Group.

The new campaign aims to solve problems around gift giving like ‘What if they don’t like it?’ or ‘What if they already have it?.’

Christmas time is tough for indecisive gift givers and this is exactly who Prezzee are working for this holiday season.

“Given how busy the Christmas retail period is, it was important we created something simple yet playful that reinforces the key benefits of a Prezzee Gift Card,” said CEO and founder of Houston Group, Stuart O’Brien.

What O’Brien is referring to is the Prezzee Smart eGift Card, which lets customers shop at over 200 different brands.

The Iconic, Apple, Spotify, eBay and David Jones are just some of the major brands where shoppers can e-splurge with the Prezzee card.

Prezzee CEO, Tony Karp, said: “For many Australians this year has been tough enough as is, and through this campaign, we really want to alleviate the chaos of Christmas shopping, and the stress around having presents delivered in time for Christmas.

“Given the current climate and supply chain issues, we want to take the ‘what if’ out of delivery delays.

“What if it doesn’t arrive on time? Well, Prezzee delivers on time, every time.”

“What if they don’t like it? What if they never use it?

“With over 200 retailers to choose from, you can be sure that your recipient will never receive a gift that they don’t want, and put their Prezzee to good use.

“We ultimately want to address and eliminate all the consumer pain points this Christmas,” concluded Karp.

The new campaign, developed by Houston Group, is the first of its kind for Prezzee.

It will appear across billboards, impulse screen, radio, YouTube, Spotify, retail, scooters and across social media channels.

Prezzee are on track to sell 22 million gift cards globally and will have saved an estimated 462 tonnes of Co2 due to having an all digital platform, with zero plastic production.

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