People Actually Stop Watching Skin Flicks When Game Of Thrones Is On

People Actually Stop Watching Skin Flicks When Game Of Thrones Is On

A steamy topic of conversation around the B&T office, Game of Thrones is back on our screens and already sucking audiences from other channels.

While the fantasy HBO show is well-known for its titillating and explicit scenes, it turns out it’s depleting the amount of consumers on adult sites.

Statistics from PornHub show consumption of its content dropped four per cent in the States during the first episode of season six on Sunday, US time. We Aussies saw it on Monday.

“That’s a considerable amount of traffic considering that Pornhub has over 60 million daily visitors, and the United States ranks as the number one market,” remarked PornHub.

“Hundreds of thousands of people from House America put their usual Sunday night porn watching on hold to tune in.”


Source: PornHub Insights. It’s rather safe to have a look at while at work.

However, searches for ‘Game of Thrones’ in the PornHub database increased exponentially as the air date loomed closer. The site reckoned this was because of the multitude of x-rated parodies of the show as people seek to fulfil their own fantasies.

“We discovered that Game of Thrones has remained a popular search on Pornhub due in part to various porn parodies and also from fans hoping to find a glimpse of the nudity and sex that the series is known for.”

“Throughout April, searches containing Game of Thrones were slightly above average, but shot up in the days before the season premiere, peaking at 370 per cent on Sunday the 24th.”


Similarly, when season five was airing in 2015, searches for Game of Thrones related content – which included character names, specific scenes and genitalia descriptions – increased around 200 per cent for the premiere and finale episodes, and around 80 per cent for the other episodes.


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