Outrage As French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Mocks Death Of Syrian Toddler

Outrage As French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Mocks Death Of Syrian Toddler

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo has published two cartoons mocking the drowning of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi.

Earlier this year Charlie Hebdo was targeted by terrorists who killed 12 people working at the publication. The phrase Je suis Charlie (French for “I am Charlie”) trended worldwide as a slogan of support for the publication and free speech.

Eight months after these attacks on the publication, the magazine’s latest issue, titled “Welcome Migrants” mocks the death of drowned three year old boy who was escaping Syria. The image of Aylan al-Kurdi’s body went viral and drew attention to the refugee crisis around the world.

Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoon of the drowned three-year-old features the caption “So close to the goal” and near the body is a billboard advertising McDonald’s Happy Meal saying: “Two children’s menus for the price of one.”

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The second page of Charlie Hebdo is a cartoon of Jesus walking on water next to the legs of a drowning child. The captain reads: “Christians walk on water….Muslim kids sink.”

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The cartoons were drawn by artist Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau who survived January’s shootings despite being hit in the shoulder. He is chaperoned at all times by armed, plain-clothed police since the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters.

Social media has erupted attacking the publication’s images:

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