Outbrain Launches New Tech For Publishers To Connect Content & Revenue

Outbrain Launches New Tech For Publishers To Connect Content & Revenue

Premium content discovery platform Outbrain has delivered on a promise to publishers, allowing them to understand the total revenue of their content in real-time, drive efficiency and protect the long-term value of their users through a new piece of technology.

Automatic Yield is a paid-for solution that provides proprietary insights into all aspects of a publisher’s revenue – not just Outbrain revenue – marrying real-time revenue value to the owned content a publisher circulates throughout its site.

The new offering will allow Outbrain’s publisher partners to monetise audiences based upon an immediate understanding of each and every piece of content through a single dashboard.

Publishers who have adopted Automatic Yield have seen up to a 65 per cent lift in incremental revenue with limited trade-off between revenue and CTR, according to Outbrain.

Outbrain is currently in the process of rolling out Automatic Yield across the Asia-Pacific region and will continue to pursue plans to grow the adoption of this revolutionary technology across the market in the coming weeks and months.

Outbrain co-founder and CEO Yaron Galai said: “Automatic Yield solves one of the core problems digital publishers have faced from the beginning – how to connect content programming and revenue delivery with a single piece of technology.

“Through Automatic Yield, Outbrain provides a unifying layer that brings revenue and editorial teams together and affords media companies with the technology and data they need to track the value of all content in real-time, maximise their revenue streams and grow their audience.

“Our vision is to offer a single platform that allows publishers to manage and optimise all their revenue and afford them a revenue tool that editors will love.”

Outbrain is also enabling publishers to see their revenue all in one place by tying it all together in a Total Value Report.

The new revenue reporting tool allows a publisher to see and manage all their revenue through a single dashboard from different partners (including those outside Outbrain), traffic sources (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter), verticals, devices, and users.

The publisher will see their total revenue for the selected time frame within the dashboard and have the ability to dig into the data at a micro-level.

This new level of transparency allows publisher revenue teams to understand exactly how much money is made from different pieces of content, and will inform spending decisions, advertising strategy, off-platform revenue opportunities, when to take action, and more, according to Outbrain.

Sigrid Kirk, APAC vice president engage at Outbrain, said: “In my 20 years in digital media, there has never been a way for publishers to really understand or measure the value of each and every piece of content they produce and publish.

“For the first time, Automatic Yield answers that question, and enables them to make critical decisions about what content is most valuable, what content to produce, to promote and distribute and how to most effectively monetise that content.

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