Online Share Trading Disruptor Selfwealth Undergoes Its First Rebrand

Online Share Trading Disruptor Selfwealth Undergoes Its First Rebrand

The rallying cry Grow You Good Thing is at the centrepiece of the rebranding of one of Australia’s fastest-growing share trading platforms, Selfwealth.

A play on the Aussie slang Go You Good Thing used to express encouragement towards another’s achievement, is the first brand change for Selfwealth since being launched in 2012.

Selfwealth CEO Cath Whitaker said the brand is a powerful representation of the new Selfwealth Purpose – empowering people to achieve financial freedom.

“Our new brand line, Grow You Good Thing, is not us speaking to our customers, it’s us being our customers, it’s what we all say when we look at our financial wealth. It’s equally relevant to our employees, demonstrated by our internal #GYGT employer brand, and to our shareholders, signifying our ongoing commitment to growth.”

Selfwealth general manager of marketing Jarrod Purchase said the rebrand reflected the company’s change over the years from being a low-cost share trading platform to one that encourages and empowers people to achieve financial freedom – a more optimistic position compared to the rebellious position taken by many challengers.

Grow You Good Thing is about celebration. Whether it’s investing for the first time or taking a few steps closer to retirement through investing, the cheer expresses encouragement towards another person’s progress,” he said.

“We firmly believe Selfwealth is the best type of wealth, and we’ve reinforced that by switching to a small “w” to focus on prioritising “Self” in the creation of “wealth” – celebrating the different things that wealth means, to different people.”

An exponential ramp has also been added to the logo to represent the growth of Selfwealth customers and their confidence to invest in their own wealth creation. It’s not just about money, it’s about what that unlocks for someone’s life and all the emotions that go along with it.

Purchase said Selfwealth had undertaken significant research with its member base including a survey of 4,000 which helped identify products they would like to see added to the platform as well as giving Selfwealth a better understanding of their attitudes and behaviours.

The rebrand was undertaken by Big Space Agency which has worked with Selfwealth for nearly 12 months.

Big Space Agency managing director Ross Hastings said the work is a testament to Selfwealth’s holistic commitment to brand.

“There is so much beneath the surface of this work. Extensive research to better understand the needs of their customer, engagement across the company to redefine the company purpose, and the launch of an internal employer brand to build a culture that supports the external brand. We’re confident that this will lead to a brand that customers, employees, and shareholders will be fiercely proud of.”

Big Space director of brand Kieran Antill said: “Like any good brand work, this is about more than just the mark. We began with employee engagement and then we looked at all the brand touchpoints from consumer advertising through to product.

“Everything from the change in the ‘w’, the brand line, colour refresh, brand song, employer branding, and more all play cumulative roles in expressing the positive and empowering emotional benefits of Selfwealth rather than relying solely on rational messaging – which is less effective in highly competitive markets.

“With the team at Selfwealth, we built a brand operating system that not only informs the upcoming brand campaign but also the day-to-day marketing and product design. It is this seamless integration that all modern brands seek, and collaborative software makes this possible.”

Purchase said the rebrand would be rolled out with a major media campaign across outdoor and online in the coming months.

Brand identity and design specialist Richard Henderson of R-Co said: “The Selfwealth brand mark reflects the strategic work undertaken by the Big Space Agency to ensure that the final graphic design is distinctive, relevant and enables the unfolding of a bigger story.

“In my view, the new brand design approach is to incorporate the graphic idea into the word, making it a wordmark. This is a succinct statement, that enhances uniqueness and enables efficient application. Not easy to do and the Selfwealth graphic integration successfully does it.”

Henderson went on to say that Selfwealth has applied the strategic and creative thinking of Big Space Agency to shift into opportunity. Why?

  • So the world to sees Selfwealth differently
  • So they can see themselves as a nation builder
  • So they know where they need to go
  • So their people understand and believe in the Selfwealth purpose
  • So stakeholders want to come with them, because you offer genuine brand differentiation with a positioning that adds value to peoples’ lives.

Selfwealth listed on the ASX in 2017 to disrupt the major online bank brokers by offering a flat trading fee of $9.50. It is now the fourth-largest online trading platform in the country.

In the past two years during the pandemic, it has gone from strength to strength increasing active traders 791% from 13,836 to 123,523, increasing its value of assets on the platform 669% from $1.21 billion to $9.3 billion and cash held on the platform increased 765% from $85 million to $744 million. Its revenue has grown 557% from $2.8 million to $18.4 million.

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