One Of World’s Top 10 Online Marketers Makes The Journey Down Under

One Of World’s Top 10 Online Marketers Makes The Journey Down Under

Renowned Internet entrepreneur and digital marketer, Neil Patel will visit Australia next week as guest of leading Digital Agency, Louder.Online.

For those unfamiliar with Neil Patel, his blogs at and Quicksprout attracts millions of readers each year where he helps readers navigate the online world to drive growth, drive traffic, gain customers and understand the importance of content and distribution to the customer acquisition funnel.

A true digital nomad, Patel sold his condo, because he says he was never home and it made sense as travels the world living out of his suitcase in leading hotels while he manages his multi million dollar online businesses. He speaks at large conferences of 5500 plus attendees.

As the year closes Patel still has a string of speaking engagements to fulfil: London, Toronto, South America, Bangkok and next week down under in Australia.

Similar to Richard Branson, Patel his own personal brand’s influence to drive growth in his other tech company business ventures.

Patel said, “2017 is going to be all about the power of the personal brand, be it CEO, entrepreneur or influencer. So get ready. We are becoming very sophisticated online with data allowing customer experiences to become highly personalised. The first movers will claim this space very quickly”.

Patel is strategic advisor to Louder.Online, the Australian founded agency of record for SalesForce, IBM, Coca Cola and scores of leading brands providing Search Marketing, Content and Social. The agency now operates in global markets across Australia, Asia and the U.S with a team of over 50, comprising of content writers, partnership managers, tech teams, search specialists and account managers.

According of CEO of Louder.Online, Aaron Agius, himself named by Forbes as one of the world’s leading Digital Marketers, “We are spearheading the online personal branding space. It is a proven formula that works. It’s your name, your hard work and now your opportunity to capitalise with your online presence.

“We work with enterprises to drive their customer acquisition growth and in many instances with the CEO directly who understands they also must build their own personal brand online as well as the organisation they represent.”



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