New App Helps Agencies Make & Share Creative Briefs

New App Helps Agencies Make & Share Creative Briefs

With only 27 per cent of agencies declaring that their clients provide clear assignment briefings, the new Volve application offers a compelling solution to create and share briefs.

Ad campaigns are never smooth processes, where all those involved in making creative briefs agree on every detail.

In fact, they can become nightmarish feats.

Agencies, companies and freelancers often travel down a tortuous road, in which information goes back and forth in a jumble of emails, phone calls and memos.

All this creative “traffic jam” has the potential to change with Volve, a recently launched web app.

At a time where online collaborative tools are now being used in practically every industry, the process behind creative briefs is still much a one-way street, where many ideas are misplaced or misinterpreted while they get from one side to the other.

Volve is set to position itself as a platform where agencies, companies and freelancers will have the opportunity to team up and interact in a more organised way.

The app´s different functions promise to ease the development of creative briefs.

You can´t find the budget memo? Don´t remember the specifics of the campaign´s target audience or all the proposed key messages?

Volve has streamlined tools to allow easy access to every element of the creative brief.

Agencies and companies, with patient freelancers in the middle, will be able to locate all ideas and documents in a simplified, efficient manner.

Volve offers the use of generic briefs templates, which are filled out by everyone within the team, and also available to any guest the project wishes to invite.

All files can be uploaded and stored in the client´s own Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

The app´s basic use is free, and Volve plans to develop additional paid features, like larger storage and shared library of briefs templates.

A lot of time can be wasted in the process of creating and sharing briefs. This exciting new app promises to ease tensions involved in this difficult task.

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