Movember Foundation Urges Men To ‘Be A Man Of More Words’ Via Cummins&Partners

Movember Foundation Urges Men To ‘Be A Man Of More Words’ Via Cummins&Partners

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, global men’s health charity the Movember Foundation is urging men to speak up by launching their ‘Be a Man of More Words’ campaign via Cummins&Partners.

Launching globally, the campaign features radio, press, outdoor and a film directed by Curtis Hill via Goodoil Films.

Cummins&Partners associate creative director Adam Slater said: “We all know a man of few words. I’ve even been described as one myself.

“But unfortunately for men like us, there are some problems that can’t be solved with a grunt, or a few mumbled syllables.

“It’s in these times that every man, no matter how verbally challenged, needs to find a way to become a man of more words, and tell someone what’s really going on.” 

Suicide is the leading cause of death in Australian men aged 15-44.

Three out of four suicides are men and of the 2,000 Australian men take their life each year.

It’s a complex problem, but it is preventable.

On September 10, the foundation is asking guys to be a Man of More Words by observing a minute of talking; spending 60 seconds having a meaningful conversation about what is going on in their life.

Movember Foundation global director of mental health and suicide prevention Craig Martin said: “One minute of silence is society’s way of reflecting on and honouring significant deaths.

“However, in the case of suicide, it is this silence which is killing men. So, to change this, we are encouraging men to speak out for one minute on World Suicide Prevention Day.

“We know gender plays an important role, which is why we’re talking specifically to men, equipping them to recognise the signs when they’re not doing so well, and to talk up when times get tough.

“We’re hoping to show men that to be the best versions of themselves – to be better dads, mates and sons – they need to be men of more words. We want men and their supporters to know that talking, more and with more meaningful words, saves lives.”

Man of More Words kicks off a month-long campaign by the Movember Foundation, aimed at encouraging meaningful conversations around men’s mental health as a way to ultimately reduce the high rate of male suicide.

The Man of More Words campaign builds on Movember’s UnMute and Suicide Notes Talk Too Late campaigns of previous years.

While Suicide Notes Talk Too Late encouraged men to open up and talk when times are tough, UnMute challenged supporters to really listen when men spoke up.

Man of More Words brings the two together, focusing on getting men to talk when times are tough, in the confidence that they will be heard.

Through a series of videos, social media posts, and ads across print and radio, Man of More Words shares the stories of men who have benefited from speaking up.

To learn more about the campaign and how you can effectively help the men in your life to open up click here.

How to start a conversation with the men you care about in four simple steps:

  1. Ask how they are doing
  2. Listen without judgement
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in regularly


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