Mobile Embrace Launches Predictive Customer Acquisition Platform

Mobile Embrace Launches Predictive Customer Acquisition Platform

ASX-listed Performance marketing company Mobile Embrace Limited (MBE) has announced the launch of AddGlu for Marketers (AddGlu), its predictive customer acquisition platform that represents another step in the company scaling up its digital performance marketing operations.

MBE is continuing to increase its focus on the innovation, investment and development of the performance marketing division and is progressing a robust product and technology roadmap, with AddGlu being a key component of this.

AddGlu is the result of the progressive development and evolution of Vizmond Media’s marketing automation technology platform, which was secured when MBE acquired Vizmond Media in August 2015.

AddGlu captures ‘consented’ information willingly given by the consumer (permissioned first-party data) and presents to the individual consumer product/service offers of high personal relevance and value (people-based marketing). The consumer is then given the ability to seamlessly engage with that offering.

AddGlu’s performance is optimised by automation across the platform and in-built comprehensive features and functionality including ad fraud detection, compliance, real time monitoring alerts, predictive analytics, real-time learning, machine learning algorithms, multi-currency, considerably expanded data points that enable detailed real-time profiling, and granular back end reporting.

AddGlu’s automated management of supply sources (inventory/initial consumer reach) enables MBE to optimise at high volume, in real time, the margin yield from consumer leads generated.

Neil Wiles, CEO and managing director of Mobile Embrace, said: “We are pleased to provide shareholders with details on AddGlu, a key component of MBE’s enhanced digital performance marketing offering.

“AddGlu is an innovative real-time approach to enabling businesses to secure genuine interested customers. It is an intelligent and powerful technology platform that is the product of considerable time, dedication and commitment by a group of very talented people within MBE.

“We congratulate Brett Tompson and his team on bringing AddGlu to market and creating a market-leading predictive acquisition platform for digital performance marketing.

“AddGlu further strengthens our proprietary technology stack as we continue to focus on positioning MBE at the forefront of the digital performance marketing industry to drive growth and shareholder value. AddGlu is already operational and has been deployed on a number of performance marketing campaigns.

“With MBE running some 200 performance marketing campaigns at any one time, and with approximately three million transactions materialising each month, AddGlu will certainly help enhance revenue streams and further strengthen our client reach, relationships and retention rates.”

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