MediaHub To Provide Playout Facilities For Imparja Television

MediaHub To Provide Playout Facilities For Imparja Television

Independent digital media company and distribution facility MediaHub has signed an agreement with Imparja Television to provide the broadcaster with full playout facilities.

Imparja is a free-to-air television broadcaster. Its signal is sent out across a vast viewing area of over 3.6 million square kilometres, spanning six states and territories – Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with over one million resident viewers. Imparja Television is also watched by approximately one million tourists who visit outback Australia each year including 200,000 viewers in terrestrial black spots.

CEO of Imparja Television, Alistair Feehan said: “Given the rate of technology change in the broadcast industry and the cost of keeping abreast of these changes meant that we had to decide whether to marginalise the business or take the appropriate steps in order to remain a healthy and competitive member of the industry. Making the move to have MediaHub, Australia’s market leader in this space, provide our playout is indeed one of those appropriate steps.”

MediaHub CEO Alan Sweeney said: “MediaHub will provide Imparja Television with comprehensive technical and operational resources. As a result of our many years experience and technical knowhow and the fact that we continue to use the very latest, state of the art equipment and processes this service will assist Imparja in its day to day broadcasting and increase the company’s efficiencies.”

Imparja Television is the latest in a long line of channels (currently 168 TV channels across Australia) whose content is now managed and played out by MediaHub. MediaHub also offers all of its clients a centralised workflow delivery system that ensures significant cost savings, an increase in the quality and efficiency of output and consistently low error rates.

Imparja Television now also benefits from MediaHub’s continuing philosophy of providing broadcasters with everything they require in terms of technology and operations. Indeed this full service approach means any broadcaster or channel can completely rely on MediaHub for its multi-platform workflow strategy, while it concentrates on programme production and acquisition.

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