MediaCom And Cloudy Bay Launch Secret Sessions

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MediaCom and Cloudy Bay in partnership with Parlour Gigs welcomed young Aussies into the mysterious and luxurious world of Secret Sessions; exclusive, premium and intimate live music events featuring Australia’s best up and coming musicians playing in Australia’s most beautiful natural settings.

Iconic New Zealand wine brand Cloudy Bay, is the first brand to partner with Parlour Gigs, an emerging and innovative online platform that brings music to Aussie homes by connecting people directly with local musicians.

Challenged with reinvigorating Cloudy Bay to reposition the brand with younger generations, MediaCom’s content division, MediaCom Beyond Advertising created stunning live music sessions in some of Australia’s most gorgeous natural settings. The first Cloudy Bay Secret Session headlined by Fractures was held inside the magical and mesmerising Great Hall of Montsalvat located on the outskirts of Melbourne.

A dreamy and alluring film captures the audience enjoying Cloudy Bay wine while completely captivated by an artist deeply involved in their craft. Cloudy Bay wanted to build awareness and relevance amongst younger Aussies by connecting with them through the passion points in their life, nature, food, travel & music.

Michelle Lush, Cloudy Bay brand manager Australia, said, “Cloudy Bay partnered with Parlour Gigs to create unique events where consumers could enjoy Cloudy Bay wines while listening to up and coming musicians in beautiful natural settings. To grow brand awareness and expand reach beyond the events, the essence of Cloudy Bay Secret Sessions was captured on film so it could be shared via social media.”

Nina Nguyen, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising, Sydney said, “MediaCom and MBA provided Cloudy Bay with a strategy to take their brand in a new direction by using social media in a way they had never done before. By doing so, it allowed Cloudy Bay to partner with new media differently in order to increase the brands relevance amongst younger consumers.

“Without the amazing talent of the Fractures, we wouldn’t have had such an exclusive gig for consumers to attend. It just shows, when a company with a great product is able to partner with a platform that has a dedicated audience, we can ensure that the content we make is worth both watching and attending.”


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