Matt Moran Bakes Lamb In Hot Car To Prove The Dangers Of Leaving Kids In Vehicles

Matt Moran Bakes Lamb In Hot Car To Prove The Dangers Of Leaving Kids In Vehicles

Across Australia over 5,000 children are left in cars every year. Tragically for some families, rescue comes too late. Despite this issue being well publicised, the message still isn’t getting through.

To prove just how hot the sun makes a parked car, celebrity chef Matt Moran was recruited to literally cook a meal in one.

Disguised as yet another celebrity product launch, press and media were invited to the unveiling of the ‘Unconventional Oven’ by Matt Moran. The audience of media and onlookers watched as Moran prepared his signature Cowra lamb loin. When it came time to plating up the dish, Moran stunned onlookers by walking off stage and over to an SUV parked nearby. From inside the sweltering cabin Moran retrieved a fully cooked lamb loin. It was only then that he revealed his true intentions.

“The real reason I’ve got you here today has got nothing to do with me launching my new oven. It’s to do with over 5,000 kids being left in cars every year. And as a father I’m absolutely gobsmacked,” said a passionate Moran. “Australia needs to know that it is not safe to leave a kid in a car – it is like an oven.”

Kidsafe spokeswoman Kellie Wilson said, “the number of children left unattended in cars each year is staggering, given temperatures inside the cabin can be up to 30 degrees hotter than outside”.

AAMI marketing executive manager Josh Wittner added: “Road safety doesn’t stop when you park your car. Leaving a child unattended in a parked car during summer is dangerous and can be fatal.”

“This has been a project 12 months in the making – one that has drawn on the varied disciplines in our building. As we come into the hotter months, we sincerely hope it raises awareness of this important issue,” said DDB Melbourne executive creative director, Simon Bagnasco.

The event was held on December 1st, the first day of summer, at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Within 24 hours the campaign has already been featured on The Project, Channel 9 News and Today as well as blogs and news sites across Australia and New Zealand.

The campaign film was directed by Stephen Carroll from Revolver/Will O’Rourke and was edited at the Butchery and onlined at the Refinery Sydney.


Client: Kidsafe Australia

Melanie Courtney

Jason Chambers


Supporting partner: AAMI

Josh Wittner

Angela Wilkinson

Donny Whitton


Chief Creative Office DDB Melbourne: Darren Spiller

Group Managing Director: David Brown


Executive Creative Director: Simon Bagnasco

Creative Director: Jim Ritchie

Creative: Toby Kennedy

Creative: Jordy Molloy

Creative: Jim Ritchie

Head of Broadcast: Simon Thomas

Senior Broadcast Producer: Tuesday Picken

Agency Editor: Marissa Brian

Motion Designer: Joshua Cameron


Senior Business Director: Julia Sheehan

Senior Business Manager: Kristen Mahler

Account Director: Diana Sinclair




Managing Director: Elly Hewitt (Mango)

Account Director: Susie Thomson

Head Of Experiential: Ben Barratt-Boyes

Executive Producer: Gemma Lahney

Account Manager: Zoe Watson

Head of Social: Penelope Lipsham

Account Executive: Erin Taylor


Head of Digital: Matt Oxley

Executive Producer: Kristy Russell

Producer: Victoria Houen

Head of Digital Art: Jonathon Yuen

Designer: Milena Marin

Developer: Michael Raffaele


Production House: Revolver / Will O’Rourke

Director: Stephen Carroll

MD & Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie

Executive Producer: Pip Smart

Producer: Tobias Webster

Line Producer: John Sandow

DOP: Grantley Smith, Will Robertson and Joshua Heath


Post House: The Butchery / The Refinery Sydney

Post Producer: Amelia Babos

Editor: Dan Lee – The Butchery

Online: Drew Downes – The Refinery Sydney

Grade: Drew Downes – The Refinery Sydney

Sound: Colin Simkins – Gusto Music

Infrared Technician GTEK: Grant Law



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