Brekkie TV Host Impales Hand On A Monster Nail After Magic Trick Goes Wrong

Brekkie TV Host Impales Hand On A Monster Nail After Magic Trick Goes Wrong

In news that made one of our journos contort her face in horror, a Polish TV presenter has impaled her hand on a nail in a massive magic trick stuff up.

Brekkie host Marzena Rogalska was taking part in a magic trick live on-air on Saturday morning morning. A Facebook post from the show Pytanie na śniadanie (Questions for Breakfast) says the trick had been done successful prior to broadcast, but went horribly wrong during the actual segment.

In the video below, from CNN’s YouTube account, the stunt was all caught on camera. The illusionist can be seen slamming Rogalska’s hand on the bag – the one he didn’t think contained the nail. Rogalaska lets out a harrowing scream and yanks her hand away. From the looks of it, Połoniewicz appeared to think she was faking the scream, until he sees the nail impaled within her palm.

Warning: the video is rather disturbing! Don’t watch if you get squeamish about things.

The program posted on its Facebook page Rogalska is okay.

As the statement was written in Polish, Google Translate says that the trick was a one the illusionist Marcin Połoniewicz had done before. He had been the runner-up in Poland’s Got Talent.

“Unfortunately, the vision of trick did not work,” says the statement (translated by Google Translate).

“Marzena Rogalska cut her hand and accompanied by members of the team PNS went to the hospital. Doctors determined that the injury is superficial.”

When Rogalska cut her hand on the nail she was taken to hospital with members of the PNS team, the network that airs the brekkie show.

She later posted a video to her Facebook page showing her bandaged hand. She was with her co-host and the illusionist.

Her accompanying note said: “Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine.”

B&T has contacted Pytanie na śniadanie for further information.

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