L’Oréal Paris Amps Up Brand Awareness With New Digital Partnership

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Beauty brand L’Oréal Paris has partnered with digital agency Lion & Lion and agile marketing software Kenshoo to boost its digital marketing strategy and brand awareness efforts by implementing an integrated social advertising program on Facebook.

The aim of the newly launched campaigns was to drive customers to a variety of retail outlets that sold its hair care products. Recently, the brand’s social advertising efforts focused on promoting L’Oréal Paris to consumers of hair care products where prices were still competitive after the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia. With multiple brands and categories, and a short deadline to launch, it was vital the social campaign was activated efficiently.

Lion & Lion managed a cost-effective deployment of video ads on Facebook, targeting consumers who were more likely to convert and purchase L’Oréal Paris hair-care products through the utilization of Kenshoo’s Infinity suite. The targeted approach to the hair care promotion campaign paid off.  The program saw click-through rates (CTR) increasing by 118 per cent and the number of actions increasing 140 per cent compared to the previous month, demonstrating a strong boost in brand awareness and engagement to substantially over deliver on all KPIs.

For this campaign, L’Oréal Paris achieved a 20 per cent lower cost per video engagement (CPV), 80 per cent  lower cost per thousand (CPM), and a reduction in the cost per engagement (CPE) by 90 per cent. The results indicated the quality of targeting and superior optimisation of the ads.

“For us, performance and efficiency are key,” said Hugh Batley, managing partner at Lion & Lion. “We were excited about the ease of reporting within Kenshoo as this made our discussions on optimisation more fruitful. By deploying social advertising on Facebook using a mix of organic and advertising efforts, we made sure that we had a strategy that found the best consumers, which is a winning proposition for any brand. We were delighted to have achieved our target metrics and deliver strong results for L’Oréal Paris.

“The time efficiency our team has achieved in campaign creation and building audience insights has boosted the quality of L’Oréal Paris’ Facebook program strategy. Ultimately, this enabled us to help L’Oréal Paris outpace the market leader by eight times more sales based on results from April 2014 vs. April 2015, despite the hair care market being in decline.”

With a constant and steady rise in Facebook video engagement across Southeast Asia, Lion & Lion were quick to take advantage of the opportunities that could assist L’Oréal Paris in managing their online campaigns. Through utilizing intelligent software, sophisticated campaign management and KPI-driven frameworks, Lion & Lion has continued to energize L’Oréal Paris’s online initiatives.

“We believe we will see more social advertising campaigns that deploy sophisticated automation and audience management as marketers become more engaged in the possibilities of building their brands on social platforms,” said Daniel Mourad, Kenshoo Southeast Asia director.  “L’Oréal Paris has proved that if you invest in the right tools and strategy you can create a highly successful digital campaign.”


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