Launch Of TV Sync Uses TV To Leverage Social Media Campaigns

Launch Of TV Sync Uses TV To Leverage Social Media Campaigns

Brands now have a competitive advantage with the release of TV Sync, Marin Software’s collaboration with moment marketing company TVTY.

The global firm’s new social advertising solution leverages television, weather, and sports signals to power Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising campaigns.

The software automatically activates social ads, based around offline events including television ad and program schedules, televised events (such as the ARIAs or Logies), weather changes, or sporting events (such as the Melbourne Cup or AFL Grand Final) – all in real-time.

The platform monitors every TV ad in real-time and syncs digital campaigns in less than one second to boost reach or to counter brand competitors. All Australian public channels across the Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC and SBS networks are monitored by TVTY.

This means brands can maximise their social spend by monitoring offline activity. The software makes instant decisions with automated responses to real time developments and offline events. Advertisers can now run contextually targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using television signals from national and local channels.

TV Sync allows advertisers to:

  • Sync Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads with live events or scheduled TV programs to appear simultaneously and target relevant viewing audiences.
  • Have relevant social ads appear at the same time a competitor’s ads are appearing on TV.
  • As Australian weather patterns shift or severe weather forecasts develop; automatically deploy relevant social ads with weather-focused creative (such as ‘keen to escape the rain? Book a trip to Bali!).

With 65% of people likely to use social media while watching television, the symbiotic relationship between television and social advertising has provided significant challenges for advertisers.

Marin and TVTY’s joint efforts hope to reinvigorate the advertising industry, presenting a significant opportunity to reach relevant, high-value customers at a time when their attention and engagement are high.

Research indicates people exposed to both TV and social ads demonstrate an increased level of ad recall, brand and likeability linkage. TV Sync has the potential to positively impact advertising results across a number of brand advertising KPIs that our Marin Social customers track and measure.

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