Latest Fitness First Campaign Shows That Members Live Fearless Lives

Latest Fitness First Campaign Shows That Members Live Fearless Lives

Advertising agency VCCP Sydney has launched Fitness First brand campaign showing Australians that Fitness First members live more fearless lives.

In a category where all the advertising looks and smells the same, and demand is driven by sales rather than member benefits, how does a gym brand muscle its way to the front? VCCP Sydney believes that traditional gym communications are stuck on the gym floor, and its time to convey the emotional rewards that live beyond the gym.

Launching Monday, supported by heavy outdoor, digital, press, radio and in-club experience, the campaign is designed to defy the category by showing the world that Fitness First members lead more interesting lives.

VCCP wanted to bring meaning to the Fitness First name by conveying that fitness is in fact the first step to creating a more interesting life.  David Kennedy-Cosgrove, managing partner, VCCP Australia said: “No brand makes us successful at life, we do that ourselves. And very few brands have the ability to be our secret weapon or ally, helping us get to where we want to be. Fitness First is one of the rare exceptions.”

To do this the brand has chosen to celebrate life’s winning moments, when your mind and body are in shape, and the ordinary somehow become the extraordinary. “The idea is simple. When you’ve found your winning moment, you ask the question ‘How did I get here?” and the answer to that question is ‘Fitness First’, a subtle nod to your willing partner on that journey. “ Dean Hunt, founding creative director, VCCP Australia.

“Yes, fitness is a hard sweat and you’ve got to work at it, but the end result can lead to a range of emotional and physical benefits. That’s why Fitness First exists, to get you to that moment.” Sam Bragg, head of marketing, Fitness First Australia.

The campaign is made up of seven different scenarios, ranging from the 75-year-old grandma on a night out in a gay club, to a young naked couple catching some rays on their balcony, to a 45-year-old mum being challenged by her children on a rock climbing expedition.

“Together we set out to deliver a campaign that was intriguing for outsiders to trial and confirming for the insiders to advocate. We’re immensely proud that our Fitness First partners have embraced and exercised the provocative qualities of their brand by telling the stories that live beyond the gym floor” David Kennedy-Cosgrove, managing partner, VCCP Australia.

Bringing to life the VCCP mantra of it only works if it all works, the agency has been partnering with Fitness First to innovate the overall customer experience. Their shared ambition is to ensure that those who come to Fitness First feel like they’re members and not a number. VCCP believes that once you understand that hidden motivation, you can offer members a more rewarding experience based on their emotional needs, getting them closer to their ‘How did I get here?’ moment.

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