One Man’s Journey To Discover His ‘Personal Brand’

One Man’s Journey To Discover His ‘Personal Brand’

What does it take to become a personal brand? How do you go from being unknown to known? Do you need
talent? Luck? A sex scandal? Design agency Studio Alto took Good Weekend journalist Konrad Marshall on a ‘journey to discover his inner personal brand’.

Marshall, a long form journalist for Fairfax’s largest Australian newspaper The Age, worked with Studio Alto over a series of months to create his personal brand. Konrad wrote about the entire process in the paper’s Saturday magazine, Good Weekend, from finding a design studio, to the creative process, to living his new brand.

“I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a shill for myself, but that’s the point of this piece: to become Konrad 2.0, to explore the branded man and what it means to be CEO of Me, Incorporated,” Marshall said.

In an age where we define and craft our image more and more, it makes you think – what image am I projecting to the world? What does my personal brand say about me? Read the full article here, view the two concepts presented by Alto and decide which direction you would have gone with.

Whether consciously or not, we are all projecting an image of ourselves to the outside world. It’s just that some of us, like Konrad, are smart enough to hire professionals like Alto to help with this process.

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