JCDecaux And The Cancer Institute NSW Deliver Media-First Sun ‘Smart’ Digital Campaign

JCDecaux And The Cancer Institute NSW Deliver Media-First Sun ‘Smart’ Digital Campaign

In an Australian media-first, the newest out-of-home campaign from the Cancer Institute NSW is utilising UV Index data to trigger sun smart messages based on real-time radiation levels.

Created in partnership with JCDecaux, UM, and Soap, the sun ‘smart’ dynamic campaign aims to alert passers by to the dangerous effects of exposure to UV rays, while also providing simple steps that can be taken to avoid UV damage.

Displayed on Digital Citylights panels and located throughout the CBD and at Sydney summer hot-spots, the sun sensitive campaign leverages a custom UV Index data source through JCDecaux’s proprietary SmartContent scheduling platform that triggers campaign messages based on real-time UV levels.

Alecia Brooks, portfolio manager Skin Cancer Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW said, “This campaign aims to make young people understand that, as Australians, we spend a lot of our time in the sun and that we need to protect ourselves.”

Functioning as a UV alert system, the panels provide early morning reports of the maximum UV levels expected for the day, with mid-morning reports switching to display current UV levels.

During the evening, when UV levels are at their lowest, the panels operate to reinforce the overall campaign message – “When you don’t protect yourself from the sun, UV can damage your DNA – that is how melanoma begins”.

“This installation is all about providing dynamic and location specific content to ensure people understand when sun protection is required and encouraging them to use it,” said Brooks.

To ensure the campaign message educates, not just alerts, the panels also include five rotating creative executions that constantly display the Institute’s sun smart message Slip (on a shirt), Slop (on sunscreen), Slap (on a hat), Seek (shade) and Slide (on sunnies).

In order to highlight the seriousness of the message, the campaign creative mimics the pages of a medical journal, while data provides real and useful alerts, accompanied by practical tips to help people protect themselves when they are most at risk.

Alan Klein, head of creative solutions, JCDecaux, said, “Smart, dynamic, Digital Citylights campaigns that truly respond to location, environment and the audiences that surround them represent an exciting time for us.

“We are dedicated to working with important clients like the Cancer Institute to push the boundaries of this technology in order to inform and educate via the delivery of truly connected, responsive campaigns.”

The ‘smart’ sun panels are live in Martin Place, Pitt Street Mall and Darling Harbour for two weeks from Tuesday 29 November until Tuesday 13 December 2016.

JCDecaux Innovate
Media agency: UM
Creative agency: Soap
Client: Cancer Institute NSW

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