Integral Ad Science Brings Brand Safety To Mobile Apps

Integral Ad Science Brings Brand Safety To Mobile Apps

Integral Ad Science, a key player in quantifying digital media quality, today launched the industry’s first pre-bid targeting segment for mobile in-app brand safety.

With the continued growth of in-app advertising spend, advertisers are seeking solutions that mitigate the risk of their ads showing up alongside inappropriate content. Since apps cannot be crawled like websites, Integral’s data science team has built new techniques to rank apps and assign them to its industry standard brand safety content categories.

This new solution leverages Integral’s ability to determine in-app content categories and levels of brand risk associated with each app, at scale. The segments – which are now available within the AppNexus platform – will boost brand safety and overall media quality for in-app mobile advertising.

“This is a critical step in the growth of mobile. Australians have been rapid adopters of mobile technology, but they are spending a lot of their internet time using apps,” said James Diamond, MD of Integral Ad Science Australia.

“There’s always the risk that some of these apps will include content inappropriate for many brands, such as gambling, piracy or drug use. By categorising apps we’ve removed the uncertainty, giving brands the confidence that they will be seen in the right environment.”

Advertisers can utilise mobile in-app brand safety targeting on AppNexus, the first Integral partner to integrate this important addition to programmatic buying technology. The mobile segments offer proactive solutions to target away from apps with adult content, alcohol, illegal downloads, drugs, gambling, offensive language, and violence.

“Part of our mission is to help better the digital advertising industry through technology, and bring the right ads to the right people at the right time, especially with in-app mobile,” said John Collier, senior director, platform partners, AppNexus.

“By working with Integral, a company we have partnered with for several years, we offer advertisers best-in-class solutions for increased campaign effectiveness that helps our customers get the best value for every ad opportunity across all buying channels.”

In 2015, Integral Ad Science was chosen to power the AppNexus’s Spend Protection Program (ASP), which safeguards programmatic media placements for buyers and sellers. Integral’s data will prevent participants of the program from paying for any ad found fraudulent, served on a pornographic page, or tricked by a spoofed domain. Through ASP, buyers do not have to pay for any impressions that do not meet those media quality standards.


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