If Dumb Ways To Die Was Game Of Thrones

If Dumb Ways To Die Was Game Of Thrones

In light of the fifth season of ridiculously popular fantasy series Game of Thrones beginning, a YouTube user has created a mashup of Game of Thrones and illustrious campaign video, Dumb Ways to Die.

The video looks at the first four seasons of Game of Thrones to give you a quick catch up, but if you haven’t seen them yet, beware, there are spoilers.

Since being uploaded on April 10, the clip is nearing one million views.

While maybe not entirely making sense as the lyrics stay the same as the original version, created by ad agency McCann Melbourne, the visuals are no doubt amusing.

The guys at McCann spotted it over the weekend and love it so much they showed it at their Monday meeting, Adrian Mills, managing director at McCann Melbourne, told B&T.

“Hopefully fans of both platforms love it, although we certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the story for anyone reading the book.”

Pat Baron, executive creative director, added: “It’s a great testament to the endurance and global popularity of the Dumb Ways to Die rail safety campaign. The release of the new game, DWTD 2 The Games, became the number downloaded game in the world last year, spreading the rail safety message around the world to a whole new audience. Westeros is treacherous. Step outside the recommended safety guidelines of King’s Landing and you could lose your head…”

The original video by McCann Melbourne for Metro trains first appeared in 2012. Since then it has won numerous awards as is recognised internationally.

On last look, the original Dumb Ways to Die has had more than 100 million views.


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