“Google Knows More Than Santa Claus”: Simon Kemp

“Google Knows More Than Santa Claus”: Simon Kemp

Algorithms are more predictable than consumer behaviour and Google knows more than Santa Claus, according to digital marketer and We Are Social global consultant Simon Kemp.

Kemp was presenting at a sold-out session for the Vivid Ideas Exchange in Sydney today with We Are Social’s Australian managing director, Suzie Shaw (both pictured above), giving the audience a few tips on dealing with all-pervasive algorithms.

Kemp recommended treating algorithms as just another audience.

“The good news is that you don’t need to become an expert in algorithms. You just need to become an expert in identifying and selecting the experts,” he said.

In their presentation, Kemp and Shaw said the increasing reliance on algorithms had massive implications for marketing.

They also used the example of voice-controlled shopping devices choosing brands for shoppers, based on a variety of algorithmic inputs.

They spoke about Facebook “likes” resulting in the social media platform knowing us as well as we know ourselves, but then said that Google’s reach went well beyond likes.

“Google knows more than Santa Claus – everything we know, everywhere we go, everyone we meet, our health and vitality and what we’ll do next,” Kemp said.

Moving onto artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kemp and Shaw spoke about how algorithms can write their own algorithms without human intervention.

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