Google Asked The Internet To Name Its Android System, It Didn’t Go Well

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At Google’s I/O developer conference, the tech company showed off its latest, untitled Android operating system. In keeping with the tradition of naming its IOS in alphabetical order, the latest version will begin with the letter N. Innocent enough, until Google asked the Internet to help name it.

An Android website asked for submissions for “any tasty ideas that start with the letter N” for its new “Android N” operating system. There’s also a hashtag: #NameAndroidN.

“Please don’t call it Namey McNameface,” Dave Burke, Google’s vice president of engineering, told the Google’s annual IO conference. Which should have been an indication that it wasn’t going to end well.

Here are some of the suggestions:

Last month, technology company Microsoft was forced to apologise for “unintended offensive and hurtful tweets” after its artificial intelligence chatbot, Tay, became racists, sexist and homophobic after Twitter users figured out how to manipulate the bot.

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