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Marketing software company Kenshoo and call tracking provider Delacon have teamed up to enable companies to include call tracking data generated from search marketing campaigns along with other conversion activity to enhance paid search results for brands and agencies.

Advertisers that drive business through phone calls can use data imported by Delacon into the Kenshoo suite to understand what digital marketing placements lead to a phone call and can automatically reallocate budgets to the highest performing ads. Without accurate call tracking data it is difficult for brands to reach their optimum performance as campaign metrics aren’t providing a complete view of all the data sets available.

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“Kenshoo integrates with Delacon’s call tracking solution to help better understand the online to offline conversion story,” said Liam Walsh, Kenshoo VP, Australia and New Zealand. “We leverage call tracking data to map inbound calls back to the keywords prospects used to begin the search journey. This allows for more accurate optimisation as our software can automatically adjust bids against campaigns and keywords based on the volume of phone calls as a principle conversion option.”

Walsh added: “Our solution also allows for better attribution modeling to optimise towards keywords that are driving the most calls and sales. By teaming with Delacon, Kenshoo can apply additional parameters such as the length of the call to ensure only the most effective calls are optimised.”

Delacon’s Integration Specialist, Lyndon Barnett said, “Research shows that 70 per cent of mobile searching results in a call and 43 per cent of all web search-related sales conversions take place on the phone,” said Barnett.

“Calls are an important conversion option and the associated data, when used appropriately, can directly lead to a greater return on investment for digital marketing campaigns. Prospects that call are usually closer to making a purchasing decision and they generally yield a higher value sale.”

By sending call data captured by the Delacon system to the Kenshoo platform, brands can more accurately measure campaign success and then optimise keywords and campaigns by including all available conversion points. Ultimately, using the sophisticated automated settings in Kenshoo, brands that use call data in tandem with “click” data, can add a higher weighting to the call conversion.

Barnett added: “Additionally, the Delacon system captures various data pieces around the call that may also be useful to brands. The call duration, the search engine the customer used before they made the call, and even the type of device that used during the browsing session can all be used to provide interesting insights around a prospect’s online behaviour.”

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