The Four Facebook Cannes Announcements You Need To Know Right Now

The Four Facebook Cannes Announcements You Need To Know Right Now

With the whole marketing and advertising world watching, Cannes is a great megaphone for brands to announce their latest and greatest updates. N2N Communications consultant Emma Matuschka shares four things that Facebook has outlined over the past few days that you’ll want to be across.

1. Canvas available to all Pages with new updates

Facebook Pages will be able to create Canvases for organic Page posts – extending this immersive experience to 50 million page owners. This option will roll out to Pages on June 22.

The goal of Canvas was to build an amazing mobile experience for people and businesses, that respects time and data, in all parts of the world. With this innovative mobile space now available to Pages, businesses now how have more creative flexibility to connect with people on Facebook and provide meaningful experiences.

New features:

  • Advertisers can now share their Canvases with stakeholders to simplify the review process.
  • Canvas will have a new feed unit to help entice people to engage and Canvas will be available for all Pages to use in a post (even when it’s not promoted as an ad).
  • Marketers will be able to access detailed metrics such as dwell time per component and clicks per component to track Canvas performance.

The launch of Creative Hub

Creativity is a critical component of building successful mobile marketing, but it can be difficult for the creative community to stay up to date with quickly developing technology. That’s why Facebook has introduced the Creative Hub, which includes:

  • A new interface for creative agencies that inspires, educates, and enables businesses to design ad creative.
  • A collaborative area to experiment, preview, evaluate, and showcase ad creative.
  • Ads guide: Explore and select from the broad range of formats available on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ability to create and preview mocks on mobile: Easily upload a creative asset to the tool to see it as an ad format.
  • Preview URL: Share with all stakeholders and preview in a dynamic mobile feed
  • Creative Inspiration: Easy to navigate repository of case studies/inspiring content.

Introduction of an Audience Insights API in beta

Designed to help businesses build better insights to fuel campaigns. Through Facebook Audience Insights API, currently in beta, Facebook is exploring ways it can provide more meaningful information to help businesses build better campaigns that are valuable for people.

As part of the beta program, Facebook has partnered with a small group of advertisers—like Mondelez and Anheuser-Busch InBev—to understand how to develop insights from aggregated and anonymous demographics, psychographics, topic data and reports from Facebook IQ.

The Audience Insights API will be available to partners early next year.

New enhancements to slideshow ads

Slideshow ads make it easy for businesses to create videos from photos and they use five times less data than the average video. More than 50 per cent of advertisers using slideshow are new to video. New slideshow features includes:

  • The ability to create slideshow ads from mobile devices
  • An easy “video-to-slideshow” creation tool
  • Integration with the Pages Photo Library and Shutterstock stock image library
  • Audio and text overlay


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