Farm Pride Launches Campaign To Show Just How Free Range Its Eggs Are

Single white egg with happy faces souronded by blank brown eggs.

Free range eggs supplier, Farm Pride, has launched a new outdoor campaign that demonstrates how exactly free range its eggs are.

The campaign uses real footage from one of Farm Pride’s free range farms in Central Victoria and will display the video feed (with nothing to hide) on Melbourne’s latest electronic outdoor supersite at Melbourne’s Emporium for 48 hours from midday Wednesday 22 April 2015.

The team at GPY&R worked directly with oOh! Media, who developed technology to bring Farm Pride’s cam to the newly installed mega screen on Swanson Street.

Farm Pride marketing executive, Sarah McLeod, said: “At a time when there is confusion among consumers about packaging claims, we felt it was important to demonstrate, that our hens produce 100% free range eggs in certified free range farms.

Farm Pride 2

“We wanted to show people what our farms look like, how the hens live and exactly why the eggs are so good.”

Farm Pride 1

Ben Coulson, ECD of GPY&R Melbourne, added: “Farm Pride is one of Australia’s best known food brands which is very proud of the free range product they sell. This campaign strips the marketing jargon from the term ‘Free Range’ lets us all see exactly what goes on at Farm Prides farms. People are tired of being led-on by food brands and I applaud Farm Pride for being so honest with us. It would be nice if more brands could do the same.”


Editor: Tom Marley/Maxine Dabrowski, GPY&R Melbourne

Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson, GPY&R Melbourne

Copywriter: Ellen Fromm, GPY&R Melbourne

Art Director: Isabella Carusso, GPY&R Melbourne

Senior Account Manager: Lachy Larmour, GPY&R Melbourne

National Sales and Marketing Manager – Farm Pride: Ian Savenake

Marketing Executive – Farm Pride: Sarah McLeod

oOh! Media Creative Services: Laura Brealey

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