Famous Aussies Put Their Best Foot Forward For McGrath Foundation

McGrath Foundation, Pink Socks, 12.02.2016, Sydney,  Photos by Fiora Sacco copyright reserved 2016

The McGrath Foundation has today launched its 2016 Pull On Your Socks campaign with a cheeky photo shoot with newly appointed ambassadors, editor-in-chief of Vogue Living, Neale Whitaker; 2015 Bachelorette winner, Sasha Mielczarek and entrepreneur, Jack Delosa.

For the past five years the McGrath Foundation’s Pull On Your Socks campaign has traditionally encouraged sports teams to add a splash of colour to their game by wearing the McGrath Foundation’s pink socks.

This year for the first time the McGrath Foundation has created a brand new range of hot pink socks designed to match your personality that can be worn every day.

To find out which sock best suits your personality visit ‘what’s your McGrath sock personality?’

Style maker Neale Whitaker said, “Clothes may make the man, but it’s the socks you rock that reveal your true colours. Pull on Your Socks is a fantastic initiative that allows people to get together and have a bit of fun to raise much needed funds for McGrath Breast Care Nurses.”

With 43 people diagnosed with breast cancer each day, the McGrath Foundation is encouraging Australians to follow the lead of its famous ambassadors by purchasing a pair of pink socks and hosting a Pull On Your Socks Day fundraiser on May 20 to help support families experiencing breast cancer.

“Whether you’re scoring a goal or closing a deal the McGrath Foundation has your feet covered with stylish pink socks for the office and sporty pink socks for the field. Show you care by flashing your pink socks on May 20,” Whitaker continued.

Designed in three eye-catching styles the McGrath Foundation new pink socks are available in a design to suit every type of personality.

1. Polka dot: You’re a high-fiving risk taker who does things their own way


You’re playful, creative and the type who’d high-five anyone who suggested onesie day in the office. You’re a risk taker, a rule breaker and you maintain there’s always room for fun no matter what the situation. You’re an adventurer, the life of the party and while you know there are rules you believe they were made to be broken.

2. Argyle: You’re a traditionalist who believes true style is all about subtlety


You’re a person of refined taste. A traditionalist with an eye for detail.

You appreciate the endurance of a pattern that’s been around since the 17th century and know while fashions come and go true style lasts a lifetime. You believe a person of style doesn’t need to overstate things. It’s fair to say you wouldn’t be caught dead in a novelty sock.

The gateway sock for those who want to flirt with a more relaxed style but aren’t ready for full commitment. You know there are moments for silliness but you also know when to hold things back.  You’re the perfect combination of business acumen and creative flair and your professional exterior belies a cheekiness you reserve for precisely the right moment.

3. Stripes: Your professional exterior belies a cheekiness you reserve for precisely the right moment


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