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23 June, 2021
23 June, 2021

Women in Tech: Are we there yet?

Talent is pleased to announce on June 23rd it will join forces with esteemed author, journalist, and advocator of women’s rights, Georgie Dent, to host an intimate conversation on what we still need to achieve for women in tech.

The event will be streamed globally, with a live audience, and will capture live data from first-hand experiences. The data will be turned into a report that will be presented to organisations across all industry sectors in the 16 regions that Talent operates in.

If you would like to be part of this special event, you can purchase tickets HERE

Contributing Editor at Women’s Agenda and Executive Director of The Parenthood, Georgie Dent said: “While progress has been made in recent years, women working in technology roles are still significantly outnumbered and face a myriad of challenges in their careers. Despite many conversations about gender diversity in tech, women are still underrepresented, underpaid, and often discriminated against in the tech industry, numbers show. I am looking forward to facilitating this important discussion to get a live reading on the challenges faced by women working in technology in 2021 and gathering data to contribute to a report that has the power to influence business leaders around the world.”

Talent’s Sydney General Manager, Matthew Munson said: “One of the most common requests we receive is for our assistance in increasing diversity in our client’s technology teams and in particular

how they can hire more female candidates. Unfortunately, it is equally rare to find organisations that are actively doing anything to change the systemic problems that cause imbalance in the first place. Until a fundamental shift towards addressing the root causes occurs, nothing will ever change. At Talent we want to lead the way by engaging thought leaders and creating the roadmap to start driving the technology sector into a diverse future.”

Through the event, Talent hopes to gain insightful information in order to provide valuable learnings to businesses on the specific and tangible changes they can make to drive equality for women in tech roles.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Women In Tech, which is an international organisation helping close the gender gap and help women embrace technology.

Ms Georgie Dent appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.

Women In Tech: Are we there yet?

June 23rd, 2021 at 1:00pm AEST

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