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6 June, 2024
6 June, 2024

XI Forum Sydney 2024

Learn How Award-Winning Brands Are Using Integrated CX to Realise Transformation

In a world where customer experience is the ultimate currency, the XI Forum Sydney 2024 helps you unlock success through Integrated Customer Experience (CX). Picture a landscape where every interaction, every touchpoint, converges seamlessly to form a symphony of customer delight and business outcomes that matter.

Integrated CX is made up of three pillars that our award-winning speakers will bring to life on stage:

  • Strongest Signals: Did you know that surveys alone only reach 6% of your customers? This leaves untapped signals like call centre notes, email threads, social reviews and so much more that paints a full picture of the voice of customer. We’ll cover all these and more at the Forum.
  • Richest Insights: Data is the currency of the future, but insights are the key to the kingdom. Join us as we decode the language of structured and unstructured data, uncovering hidden treasures within the digital depths.
  • Smartest Actions: In the age of automation, human connection remains the cornerstone of exceptional CX. At the XI Forum 2024, we redefine smart actions—not just as solutions to individual cases, but as catalysts for systemic change.

Experience the CX conference that is unique in its kind

  • 250+ Delegates
  • 6+ Hours of Practical Learning
  • 10+ Sessions
  • Award-Winning Speakers
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Spectacular Entertainment