Posted by RMIT Online
9 April, 2024
9 April, 2024

AI in Marketing: Bridging creativity and technology

The marketing industry has been experiencing an ongoing evolution largely driven by Artificial Intelligence. This shift is altering how marketers approach content creation, engage with customers and analyse data. Boston Consulting Group have found that 89% of companies are already experimenting with AI, with the biggest areas of focus on personalisation, content creation and market segmentation, yet our latest ‘Ready Set Upskill’ report found that 73% of Aussies still don’t believe generative AI is relevant to their roles, despite research showing 86% of all occupations will be affected.

So, what does AI in Marketing look like now and what do we need to do to ensure organisations are ready for a future where AI is a fundamental component of their marketing strategy?

RMIT Online invites you to join the next On the Couch series, where we chat with industry experts from Adobe, Merkle and Microsoft to explore the future of AI and what it means for marketing. Delving into topics around:

  • The evolution of old world to new world marketing
  • AI’s impact on creativity
  • Algorithmic bias and frameworks for marketers to use AI responsibly
  • Our preparedness to fully realise the potential of AI in marketing in Australia