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12 September, 2019
12 September, 2019

Webinar: Adventures With The 30 Hour Week

Martech Consultancy, Divide By Zero moved to a 30-hour work week to create a better workplace for employees and to produce better work for clients. Dana Teahan and Stuart Edwards will explain how they implemented changes including transparent budgets and salary information, and outline the impact it has had on their business, as well as some of the very unexpected problems it has created Join this webinar to learn:

Join this webinar to learn:
  • How to create a fast-moving agile team.
  • How to hack the workplace to collaborate, share ideas and produce better work for your customers.
  • Tips to be fast, agile and flexible in a 30hr work week.
  • And more…
About the Speakers
Martech Consultancy firm Divide By Zero
Callum McKenzie, LogMeIn