Posted by Getty Images
14 April, 2021
14 April, 2021

Visual Insights for Financial Services: How to Create Content that Connects

The complications of COVID‑19 meant the financial services industry had to adapt at breakneck speed. Digital transformation accelerated, changes in legislation happened almost daily and the need to build trust and genuinely connect with customers became more important than ever.

At a time when consumer priorities are shifting, how do you solve the challenge of ‘humanising’ financial services while earning trust? What visuals will engage your customers and ultimately lead them to make decisions?

Please join Kate Rourke, Head of Creative Insights (APAC) at Getty Images, for a deep dive into the financial services industry in the time of COVID‑19. Kate will explore themes of trust, representation, sustainability and ultimately, what visuals will create a meaningful and sustained connection with your audience.

Don’t miss out on these compelling visual insights that will have a profound impact on your messaging and drive greater customer engagement.

These findings are informed by a survey in collaboration with YouGov of 10,000 consumers and the downloads made by financial services companies before and since COVID‑19.