16 July, 2021
16 July, 2021

She’ll Be Right: How should we tackle the biggest marketing challenge of our lives?

Australia is now entering a dangerous phase of the pandemic.

People are scared and uncertain with millions in lockdown and controversy over vaccines and access. In the middle of this brands and marketers have to find their way and not go dark – not to mention the challenges governments have in social marketing.

In this session, Swan will be joined by the creative director behind the US vaccination campaign, a global expert in vaccination communications and a marketing trends guru to examine the global response around vaccines, how to tackle Australia’s vaccine hesitancy, and what governments and brands can do to help move the needle quickly and sustain Australia’s COVID advantage.

Key conversations will include:

  • The effectiveness of the communication and social marketing approach compared to the rest of the world;

  • The role of media in reporting on issues around the vaccine and COVID;

  • How brands and marketers have responded and evolved with the pandemic – should they be doing more?;

  • The challenge in changing Aussie’s perceptions around vaccines;

  • What we’ve learned about Australians from the pandemic which should impact our thinking going forward..

This session is open to the public. There will be an opportunity for open Q&A during the session.

Platform: Zoom Webinar

Date: Friday, July 16

Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm (AEST)

Key guest panelists include: 

  • Dr Norman Swan, Walkley Award winning health reporter, ABC

  • Dr Julie Leask, leading vaccine campaign expert and Social Science Professor, Sydney University

  • Simon Friedlander, Creative Director behind the US vaccination campaign, Pereira O’Dell

  • Rose Herceg, Expert in changing face of Australia as Chief Strategy Officer, WPP AUNZ