5 June, 2019
5 June, 2019

Marketing + Finance: How to demonstrate value to the business

As marketers we know that in order to prove our worth, we need to contribute to shared business goals, demonstrate value and deliver a meaningful ROI. We also need to work with other areas of the business to get their buy-in and support for our work.

At this event, we focus on the important topic of how marketing and finance can best work together and how you can ensure marketing is viewed as a revenue centre for the business (not a cost centre) and can take credit for marketing’s contribution to the bottom line.

With marketing being more measurable and transparent than ever, it is essential that we communicate our work and our value in terms that are meaningful to others in the organisation. A big part of this is understanding the approach and metrics that the finance team use and ensure we are using the right language.

Regardless of your role in the marketing team, this is your chance to understand the numbers and metrics that matter to a business, see how marketing can best work with internal stakeholders, including the finance team, and learn why building an ROI model without finance on your side won’t get the best outcomes.

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