Posted by ADAPT
18 February, 2020
20 February, 2020

CIO Edge | Melbourne

In these challenging and changing times, you must deliver organisational flexibility while balancing cost and agility.

Apart from keeping the lights on, modernising legacy systems, inspiring executives and retaining talent – you’re being asked to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences, evolved workspaces, and digitised processes and channels.

You need to run a modern integrated data architecture across multiple clouds; a world class software factory; guaranteed GRC policy, and a secure culture of trust. You must manage projects, mergers, vendors, then balance the business case, budgets and ROI.

During all that you have CEO, CFO, Board and Executive pressures; committee decisions, due diligence, shareholder value, stakeholder management, inter-departmental politics and shadow IT.

Above this are the internal perceptions of your team, your ability and personal brand as IT advocate to involve and prove the value of IT as an enabler, not an inhibitor to the business.

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