13 December, 2018
13 December, 2018

How to Build Ethical Organisations?

What are the unique ethical challenges that face today’s managers and professionals? How do we experience and practice ethics in daily organisational life? In what ways can we take moral responsibility for our actions and decisions at work? This lively and interactive session will address these questions by exploring how ethics shape an organisation and its members, for better or for worse.

There will be no moralising and no preaching! You will be invited to reconsider of what ethics—as a fundamental dimension of human existence and interaction—means to you. This is not an ethics class that provides easy answers, but one that asks challenging questions about how one navigates the moral maze of organisational life and the effects of that on others. Central will be a consideration of the relationship between ethics, freedom and responsibility and how each of these can be either curtailed or enabled in work settings.

You will:

  • Reflect on what ethics means
  • Undertake real-life case studies from well-known organisations
  • Reflect on own actions and choices in relation to ethical practice

Presenter: Carl Rhodes, Professor of Organisation Studies and Deputy Dean of UTS Business School