Posted by IAB Australia
22 February, 2022
22 February, 2022

Audio Summit

The 2022 IAB Australia Audio Summit will provide attendees with information and inspiration on the streaming and podcasting advertising market. The event will include the release of the 6th wave of IAB exclusive Audio Advertising State of the Nation, the latest techniques for measuring audio & podcast audiences, creative effectiveness and impact as well as an overview of upcoming developments in programming, tech and brand opportunities.

This will be a hybrid event with a live event in Sydney and a live stream option, we are still working through the details of the Melbourne event.

IAB Member companies receive 2 free tickets to the physical event, with extra tickets available for purchase. Marketers who either invest in audio advertising or are looking to invest can also register for 2 free tickets per organisation. (extra member tickets $100, non member $150)

Registration for the live stream is free and available to all.