Posted by Akolade
27 November, 2018
29 November, 2018

2nd Corporate Communications Leadership Forum, 27-29 November 2018, The Grace Hotel, Sydney

This ongoing technological development has a profound impact on how organisations communicate and engage with their audience. Today’s information landscape is multimodal where all stakeholders, irrespective of their relationship to an organisation or to each other, have an opportunity to be heard and platforms to express their views. So how do you ensure that your communication is consistent externally and internally? How do you make sure your values are clear to both your customers and your employees?

The Corporate Communications Leadership forum arms communication leaders, with practical insights into the effective methods to build communication strategies that align with business goals. This forum delves into case studies with proven tools and techniques to develop effective communication plans, measure the success of communication outcomes whilst also learning how to manage crisis in a real-time. Essentially, you will explore strategies that will help position communication leaders in the inner circle of an organisation as influencers to corporate decision making.

Attend this informative forum and gain practical insights into:

  • The impact of communication leaders on organisational decision making
  • Effective methods to create an integrated communication plan
  • Proven strategies to position communication leaders as strategic leaders
  • Tactics to keep communication consistent across all stakeholders
  • The development of real-time communication strategy during time of crisis

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